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several toots of a passed around peace pipe, into a wig flipped slab of hazy wooziness both fractured and fried and somewhat flying to its own spaced out oblivion, in truth just between you and me sounds like an out of it and clearly stoned Bardo Pond but don't tell the others.
The Facc-Tones, an eclectic rock outfit operating around Cambridge, MA, are guardians of the Sacred Sounds forged by the Heroes of Rock's Golden Age. They didn't Start the Fire, but carry Its flame through These Dark Times with infinite SIRIUSness and jest, that it might Illuminate the world once more when the Winds of Change return with fresh air to fuel the prophesied Second Coming of Rock.
March 2015 marked the debut of Red Right Hand. With a nod to one of their favorite songwriters and influences, Nick Cave, Red Right Hand straddles the line between accessible pop and garage rock. Think: Early PJ Harvey meets Patti Smith. Lineup: Jess Baggia, Gordon Carlson, Mario Epstein & Tom Maroon
On a mission to combine their love of '90s alt-rock and lascivious urges, PowerSlut formed in late 2012. They have since released two albums ("With Great Power Comes Great Slut" in 2014 and "The Second Coming" in 2016), performed all over New England, and put out a music video. Their influences range from the Pixies to PJ Harvey to Queens of the Stone Age and Ween, and they've been described as Steel Panther's bratty, witty little sister. They are currently working on a new EP, slated for release in Fall 2017.
Boston-based five-piece alternative rock band Miele most recently rocked the neighborhood with Somerville's annual Porchfest. With dark, soulful female vocals oft compared to Grace Slick, and startling switches between mystical melodies and grungy/funky/tear-your-face off rock, Miele's complex music keeps listeners surprised and delighted. This band with a flair for the dramatic has been featured on Aeronaut Brewing Company's Duck Village Stage, and headlined Aeronaut's Rock Benefit Show for The Arts supporting the National Endowment for the Arts this March.
Steve Onderick is just as confused as you are. He tries to use the art of cinema to make sense of the ever more baffling world we live in.
Mnemonist is an indie rock trio from Cambridge, MA, formed by Brett West in 2015. They released their debut EP 'No More and Too Much' in 2017 and play shows in the New England area.
The Sound Down Cellar is a straightforward alternative rock collective with pickles. The associates always leave room for propositions, making space for banjo only versions and club house remixes. The last show featured members who had met only twice, but felt like they were long lost shipmates, reunited in new past or future selves.
The Silver Mirrors are a Psych-y, Garage-y, Rock n Roll band from Boston pushing the frontiers of turtleneck rock with stormy clouds of fuzz, toe tappin' rockers, and western skies through bloodshot eyes. Check out our new video for Cocaine Jesus.
Kirk Windsor is a singer/songwriter whose songs explore dreamy melancholia and pop sweetness. Puss City play spontaneous, energetic garage rock about such subjects as dangerously small swimming pools and long-term employment.
Grungy, tobacco stained rock to purify your grungy, tobacco stained soul.
Painting ambient, chilled out soundscapes, or slamming in your face rock, the Gritty Digits are all about variety and combine aspects of various genres in their songs. Formed by David Mansfield and Matt Shea in 2015, the Digits have found their home at EMF Sound Museum in Cambridge and the current lineup introduces Rob Carrington on drums and Jared Gilbert on bass. Come get gritty.
About EMF

I would not presume to capture the spirit of EMF any better than Rob Potylo and Steve Onderick did in this episode of the web series "Quiet Desperation". But for those wanting a quick synopsis, EMF is an old electical supply building in Cambridgeport that's been converted into jam rooms and art spaces. There are hundereds of local bands that play in the building, an internet radio staion (WEMF), multiple recording studios, several artist studios and god knows what else...

Out of the Blue Gallery is Nominated for Best Art Gallery!
Our venue, the Out of the Blue Gallery has been nominated for Best Art Gallery in Cambridge by the Cambridge Scout. Vote early and vote often!
Out of the Blue Gallery Needs Your Support!
EMFest is being held at the Out of the Blue Gallery. The gallery has been a staple of the Cambridge art community for years. It's currently located in an amazing space (previously a Blockbuster Video) in Central SQ, but it's not always easy making the rent! They have a fundraiser going to help out. Please take a moment to donate or even to drop by the gallery and pick up something beautiful!
First Annual EMFest Announced!
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